Welcome to RRClubs.org

Welcome to RRClubs.org!  This site's mission is sharing Model Railroading via the Web, by providing a pre-configured site with the features needed by a club.  I (SteveT) will be providing the initial setup, some training and hosting at no cost to you or your club.

Upon request, I will create a site for you at [yoursitename].rrclubs.org and provide you with an admin-level profile for that site.  If you already have a "real" host name (like "myclubname.org"), I can set up the site to use that name.  I will even register a new site name for you at my cost ($9.95/year) if the name you want is available.

Once configured, you'll need to spend some time editing the text (a simple process) and uploading your pictures.

My motivation is simple: There are many great clubs out there, but not many great club web sites.  I believe that by providing a simple, yet quality, entry-point for clubs, more will begin to share the hobby.